Remove PFAS in Your Family's Drinking Water

PFAS are colorless, odorless, cancer causing chemicals detected in Texas’s drinking water. 

Protect Your Family from Cancer
Causing Chemicals in Your Local Water

PFAS chemicals, which have turned up in drinking water in cities across the US, have been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and kidney, testicular, prostate, breast, liver, and ovarian cancers.

Because Fridge, Pitcher, & Faucet Filters Are Not Enough...

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Culligan’s system eliminates the need for a drinking water pitcher filter, a refrigerator filter, or the worry of someone ingesting PFAS laced water at any faucet.  You feel safe & confident with the water you’re drinking.

  • A Whole-Home Filtration system does NOT require monthly maintenance (although, annual is required) nor does it backwash or use any additional chemicals. 
  • It does NOT change the taste or color of water as PFAS is a colorless, odorless cancer-causing chemical that is ingested. 
  • Most over the counter water filters such as pitcher, fridge or faucet, do not remove PFAS. That’s why you should talk to a Culligan water expert.

Culligan of Red River's Whole Home Filtration Removes PFAS

The system we offer is a 3-stage design whole house system. 

Stage 1 is a 5-micron sediment filter

Stage 2 is a carbon filter

Stage 3 is a PFAS resin that offers optimal design, removing non-detectable levels of PFAS

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Why risk your health or your family’s health? 

Get Cleaner Water From The PFAS Removal Experts in Denison

Ron Bowhay
Ron Bowhay
Phil did a fantastic job rebuilding my drinking water filtration system. Relocated one of the filters that was in a location where it was difficult... to replace. Was patient and provided a lot of valuable tips on how to maintain the system. Thanks Phil!read more
Monique Stills
Monique Stills
I am very happy with quality work that Mr Robert Nixon put into his job, his work is completely outstanding, ever time he come my way he consistently... performs his job great, communication is clear, and is very respectful of his customers. OUTSTANDING MR more
Matthew McAllister
Matthew McAllister
Jerry Gaston came out today and did a great job making sure my system was running properly!
Amanda Teter
Amanda Teter
Jerry Gaston was so friendly and helpful showing me everything in my Culligan App! We’re so excited to have our new water system. It’s amazing!
Trent Alexander
Trent Alexander
Nixon was very helpful and informative with explanations on how to work our system. He took time to answer all our questions.

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