Unsure Which Water Filters or Water Filtration System You Need?

Water filters can remove impurities from water, helping you achieve clean drinking water and healthy cooking water.

If your water is giving you any of these problems, let our experts help:

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  • Water that Smells and Tastes like a Pool, high in Chlorine?
  • Red Stains, sign of Rust or Iron in the water?
  • Blue or Green Stains, which means your water might be acidic (low pH)?
  • Water Spots on Dishes?
  • Dry or Itchy Skin?
  • Poor-Tasting, Smelly, or Unhealthy Drinking Water?

Water Filtration Covers a Wide Variety of Water Problems


My water smells like a pool:

Heavy chlorination in Denison can cause water to taste and smell terrible.


There are spots all over my shower door:

Hard water is the culprit behind spotty showers, glassware, flatware and dishes.

Smelly Water

My water smells like rotten eggs:

If your water smells like rotten eggs a free water test can help determine what is causing that unpleasant odor.

Water Stains

My water leaves nasty stains:

Well water can contain iron, be acidic (i.e. high pH), or have excessive total dissolved solids which end up ruining your fixtures with embarrassing stains.

Baby Drinking Water

My drinking water can be better:

If you suspect your water may contain contaminants you don’t want in your body, we have filters that reduce up to 99% of contaminants.

Toilet Rust

Reddish-brown stains on bathroom fixtures:

If your water contains rust or iron that is staining your fixtures, sinks and tubs reddish-brown, you don’t have to live with the stains any longer!

Culligan Water Waves

But, first we need to Test your Water…

Why do I need a Water Test?

Being the Culligan water expert can be a tricky business. We encounter water from municipalities, deep wells, shallow wells and a host of other sources.

The water we deal with in just a few county radius can contain nitrates, sulfur, several times the EPA limit of Total Dissolved Solids, excessive hardness, and hundreds of other things.

We provide a variety of water treatment options to take care of nearly any problem, but we need to know what’s in your water, before we recommend a solution.

But can’t you just tell me right now what I need?

At Culligan of Red River, we have dozens of softener and filtration options along with a host of media tank sizes. Depending on the exact hardness and usage of your water, we determine the size of equipment you will need.

This water test sounds like a good idea, how much are you going to charge me for that one?

Good question. If you’re on city or well water in one of our local areas (i.e. Denison, Sherman and nearby areas) the in-home water test is FREE. I know you’re thinking there must be a catch. I would think the same. It all comes down to providing the right solution for your family, home, & water the first time.

What’s that have to do with a free water test?

Well, it’s much cheaper for us to test your water and give you the proper equipment the first time compared to if we had to go back to correct it. The loss not only in our time and labor, but in goodwill, would far outweigh our costs involved with a water test in your home.

With the Do-It-Yourself mentality in most areas, if we started charging for a water test, we fear that too many people would get caught going with a cheaper solution that doesn’t fully take care of their needs. So take advantage of the free water test before we change our mind and start charging for our expertise.

Invest in your health by getting a Culligan system today

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What our clients say

When we decided to get a Culligan system. We got in touch with this office and we weren’t disappointed. The whole process was amazing from the... install to the information. Today, Nixon came out to our home to check the water. We had had a Watermain break about a week ago. After the all clear, we were still questioning the water coming from the fridge because we were having a few stomach issues. Nixon came out and tested the water and indeed the fridge water was a little high. We changed the filter and he checked all of the systems and did a very good job. Nixon is very professional and I would recommend Culligan in this office to anybody.read more
Ck J
Ck J
Nixon was great so helpful!
Jerry Lin
Jerry Lin
Jerry Gaston was amazing and thorough!
Nixon was our tech for today and he was amazing explaining what he have completed for us and our system. He also answered all of our questions and... OUT IN THE RAIN! Thank you so much for your professionalism and your customer service.read more
Tiffany West
Tiffany West
Nixon, is the best! He came on time, very attentive, informative, and knowledgeable. He replaced my filter quickly.
Angel Colon
Angel Colon
Jerry Gaston was really helpful and friendly. Really appreciate the insights he provided us with.Thank you
zainab fatima
zainab fatima
Nixon was an outstanding technician. His professionalism in support and instruction was excellent.
Harry Humphries
Harry Humphries
We've been using Culligan for their filtered drinking water system (under the kitchen sink) for over 10 years and the service has been consistently... excellent. Their technicians always call ahead to let you know when they will be arriving and each one has been great, going above and beyond. The most recent technician was Nixon and he was super.On the downside, it is a costly service. Furthermore, Culligan used to come out and change our filters every 6 months, however now they only provide a once per year service unless something isn't working right. We use the filtered water so much that by the end of the year, there is a noticeable difference in the taste, so I wish they would go back to the bi-annual schedule.Their customer service and the quality of their water filtration system are what keep us returning. The water tastes great! 5 Stars for Culligan DFW!read more
Lisette C
Lisette C
Nixon did a wonderful job! Great employee! Couldn’t recommend him enough!
Drew RS
Drew RS
Jerry Gaston did a great job checking the quality of water!
ramya saravanan
ramya saravanan

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